Your Straw For Life

Uniquely combining a stirrer, a spoon and a straw

“I’m thrilled”

Vivienne Westwood

talking about her GinGenie

“As a gin brand owner
and a drinks expert, I honestly
didn’t think that a drinking
experience could be enhanced
in this way
.  It’s such a simple
and clever idea, 
that I’m
annoyed that I didn’t
think of it first!”

Joe Wadsack
BBC Food & Drink

Let’s eliminate plastic straws

Take your GinGenie with you and refuse plastic straws.

BBC Radio London’s Nikki Bedi & Joe Wadsack review GinGenie

We are thrilled that BBC Food & Drink Expert Joe Wadsack introduced BBC Radio London’s Nikki Bedi to the GinGenie on the 11th February in time for valentines.