Media Mentions & Testimonials

“As a gin brand owner and a drinks expert, I honestly didn’t think that a drinking experience could be enhanced in this way. The GinGenie is such a simple and clever idea, that I’m annoyed that I didn’t think of it first!”

Joe Wadsack

BBC Food & Drink

“I’m thrilled”

Vivienne Westwood, talking about her GinGenie

“The GinGenie is the ultimate in style, class and usefulness – the ideal luxury accessory for mixing and enjoying your favourite G&T.  Stirring is of great importance to a Gin & Tonic to avoid mouthfuls of tonic at the beginning and mouthfuls of gin at the end, yet it is infrequently done in bars or at home. The GinGenie is not only excellent for mixing a consistent G&T, but it looks stunning too and avoids the use of plastic straws.”

Paul Jackson, Editor

The Gin

‘Can I just say how utterly beautiful this GinGenie is… everyone should carry around one of these!” 

Nikki Beddi
Live on BBC Radio

“I can definitely say drinking with a GinGenie gave an enhanced tasting experience… it provides a consistently chilled stream to the palate, delivering a great array of tastes from any good G&T. The same taste benefit happened with cocktails and other iced drinks.”

Richard Halliday

Director of Dartington Glass

“I have to say I am always a bit sceptical about these type of products but I can honestly say that the effect of using a GinGenie was immediately apparent and certainly delivers the full flavour of the gin to the palate in a way that just drinking from the glass doesn’t. I will recommend this product to my gin loving friends”

Graham M

Happy GinGenie Customer

“WOW – I can’t believe how much better my gin and tonic tastes through a GinGenie! Love a touch of glitz and theatre in my G&T too!”

Christopher Biggins
King of the Jungle & Panto

“What do you give the discerning gin lover that has it all? A GinGenie of course! This beautiful and superbly crafted work of art really does make a difference to your favourite drink and you can take it with you wherever you are in the world”


Steve Martin, Founder, Barrique Wines & Spirits